Alana Sugar, CN

Alana Sugar is a Certified Nutritionist in private practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

Alana works teaching classes, facilitating seminars, consulting with individual clients, creating recipes, and writing articles. She structures her practice using a natural approach to good nutrition, focusing on a diet based primarily on whole and unprocessed foods as a necessary part of good health for life. Alana’s current clients include Whole Foods Market, Government Offices, and The American Institute for Cancer Research.

Featured Article

Surviving Holiday Parties

Surviving the holiday season can be challenging enough!  Add in the parties with all the food and alcohol, and for many of us, it's overwhelming!  Here are some holiday tips to help you get through...

Featured Recipe

Alana's Flax Butter Spread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flax seed oil has become very popular due to its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids. Many American's are deficient in this critical substance...